The Fragrance Collection - Só Soy Candles


As a new brand, we're excited to be constantly updating our fragrance list and bringing you new favourites. To be the first to hear about a new fragrance launch, sign up to our mailing list. We use the highest recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax, so as to ensure a high quality scent throw from each candle we make. We never use fragrance oils that have been tested on animals.

Bamboo Milk & Mandarin
A relaxing, yet fresh blend of bamboo milk and mandarin, with notes of lychee and coconut, over a vanilla and sandalwood base.

Black Coffee, Jasmine & Vanilla
A seductively sweet, feminine fragrance. Coffee notes are complimented by white florals and a vanilla base.

Caramel, Patchouli & Honey
Distinctive top notes of patchouli, complimented by subtle hints of caramel and honey, over a rich vanilla and chocolate base.

Daisy, Violet & Gardenia
A gentle, floral fragrance with feminine notes of strawberry and jasmine over a musk base.

Damascan Rose & Ylang Ylang
An opulent rose bouquet with notes of violet and geranium, over a powdery amber and cedarwood base.

Irish Linen
A traditional, fresh and clean scent with powdery notes.
Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger Root
A sensual citrus scent, with earthy undertones. Refreshing top notes of lemongrass and lime are complimented by middle notes of ginger and nutmeg, over a warm vanilla base.
Prosecco, Pomelo & Grapefruit
A sweet and citrus scent, with notes of sparkling Prosecco, Brazilian orange, and fresh watermelon.