The Beauty Report - Glamour Magazine, September 2018

Glamour Magazine Sept 2018 - Só Soy Candles



'I’ve been making my lists for the new house and these are 100% on there. I love the sound of their Prosecco, Pomelo & Grapefruit soy candle, which would be perfect for the master bedroom.' - Maria Litizia, Style Ink Blog, June 2018

Style Ink Blog - Só Soy Candles

Alex Stedman, The Frugality - February 2018

The Frugality - Só Soy Candles


'They smell incredible and also have that minimal instagram vibe that we all love (bonus!) I have the Black Coffee, Jasmine and Vanilla candle, and it's beautiful!' - What Eva Wears, December 2017

What Eva Wears - Só Soy Candles


'I've been burning this most evenings... and it's filled the room' - What Olivia Did, December 2017

'15 hours of prosecco, pomelo + grapefruit scented burn time… It’s as delish as it sounds!' - Festival Brides, December 2017

Festival Brides - Só Soy Candles

'Spoil the Mum in your life with something from our list of perfect presents for Mum!' - My Baba, December 2017

My Baba Online - Só Soy Candles

'Homeware Gift Guide' - Style Ink Blog, November 2017

Style Ink Blog - Só Soy Candles

'Take a whiff of these pretties...' - One Fab Day, October 2017

One Fab Day - Só Soy Candles



'We wanted something natural with really good fragrance that looked lovely and burned well. After much searching we found Hannah Magee at Só Soy.' - Dormitory, June 2017


Dormitory UK - Só Soy Candles


'You know you're on to a winner when your postlady doesn't want to hand over your parcel because it smells too beautiful' - Milly Day Dreams, April 2017


Milly Day Dreams - Só Soy Candles


'They are the perfect self treat and gift. So you can see why we love So Soy and had to catch up with Hannah, the founder of this little bit of luxury' - The Mum Club, April 2017

The Mum Club 'Behind the Brand' Interview - Só Soy Candles

'Hannah's brand is chic and luxurious and her hand poured candles smell completely divine' - The BeauBox, April 2017


The BeauBox Squad - Só Soy Candles

'Its packaging is simple yet grown up monochromatic sophistication and just looks expensive so I think they have hit the nail on the head with their brief.' - Nicola, SHED, March 2017

SHED NI - Só Soy Candles


 'I feel not only does this candle smell divine but it will also look very aesthetically pleasing sat on your coffee table too! A Só Soy candle would be great as a moving in present or even a wedding gift as the product feels so luxurious.' - Holly May Murphy, Statement Undertones, Feb 2017


Statement Undertones - Só Soy Candles

'When they arrived, it was like Christmas day again! I opened up the package to find two beautifully boxed candles. The packaging was minimal and simple - just the kind of thing I like' - Holly Rebecca White, The Simple Things, Jan 2017


'Filled with gorgeous independent brands like... Só Soy luxury hand poured candles from Ireland'The Motherhood Diaries, Red Online Magazine, Jan 2017


Red Magazine Online, The Motherhood Diaries - Só Soy Candles

'My favourite for the daytime is Prosecco, Pomelo and Grapefruit which is so fresh! and for the evening I love Black Coffee, Jasmine and Vanilla which has a much richer fragrance! Also can we talk about how chic they look!' - Rebecca Olivia Capel, Jan 2017

Rebecca Olivia Capel - Só Soy Candles

'My favourite candles are hand poured and made in Northern Ireland' - Elanna Pecherle (@ellepearls), December 2016