Candle Care: 101

Candle Care - Só Soy Candles


At Só Soy, we believe that everyone should get the best burn from their candle. Believe it or not, with a little TLC, your candle will last that little bit longer. We've compiled a list of tips to ensure your candle gets the best care that it deserves.

Trim your wick
Before lighting, always trim your wick to 1/4". This prevents 'mushrooming' of the wick, allows for a slower burn, and prevents any build up of soot. Be careful not to allow any trimmings to fall into the wax as this creates a fire hazard; We recommend using a wick trimmer to catch any small pieces. Our wicks are specially designed to minimise mushrooming.

Know when to say goodbye
When you have 1/2" of wax left at the bottom of your candle - it's time to say goodbye. It's important not to burn your candle completely as it may cause the glass holder to overheat. Always be sure to burn your candle on a heat proof, level surface, away from any flammable objects.

Be aware of any drafts
Keep your candle away from any drafts or other heat sources. This may cause your candle to burn quicker than normal and unevenly.

Love at first light
Soy wax has a memory - if you don't allow the whole surface to burn on first light, it will be difficult for the wax to melt past the 'ring' on future burns. Be sure that you have a few spare hours to relax with your candle lit on the first burn. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Use the correct lighting tool
As we use white holders for our candles, we recommend using either a long match or grill lighter to light the wick. This helps avoid any unsightly soot marks on the glass, and will make lighting the wick easier as the candle burns down.

Size really does matter
Keep in mind the size of your room when choosing a candle size. Small candles are suitable for smaller rooms like bathrooms, whereas large candles are better for bigger rooms. We use the highest recommended ratio of fragrance oil to wax, so you're likely to experience the aroma in your room without lighting. However, if you can't smell any fragrance when lit - try jumping to the next size up.

Let your candle rest
Candles should not be burned for more than 4 hours at a time, and allowed to cool for 2 hours between each burn. Don't tire your candle out - avoid overheating and allow it to rest.

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